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Characteristics of aluminum

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Aluminum is the most common material in non-ferrous metals. It is widely used due to its various characteristics that are not found in iron-based metal materials.

1. Lightweight and sturdy: The specific gravity of steel is approximately 7.9, while the specific gravity of aluminum is about 2.7, which is only about one-third of the weight of steel. On the other hand, the strength is about 70% of that of general structural steel. Therefore, aluminum is a material with higher specific strength (strength per unit weight).

2. Not easy to rust: Aluminum has the property of always covering its surface with a very thin oxide film. It acts like a protective film, and corrosion is difficult to develop to a depth deeper than the oxide film. Therefore, there is no need for rust prevention coating and plating.

3. Easy to process: Aluminum has a lower yield point and good ductility, making it a suitable material for plastic processing. Low melting point, good fluidity, therefore also suitable for forging. In addition, it is also easy to perform cutting and can be welded.

4. Good thermal conductivity: Aluminum is a material with high thermal conductivity. Therefore, it is used as a radiator for air conditioning or engine cooling water. In addition, due to its good conductivity and light weight, it is also used as a material for transmission lines.

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