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News and Events

  • 07-15
    Welcome to visit our site
    Vivamus dolor diam, ultrices quis leo sit.Praesent et mi dolor. Mauris pellentesque, urna posuere tincidunt lacinia, orci justo blandit tincidunt velit, a ornare mauris lorem eget dolor. Suspendisse potenti. Read More »
  • 07-22
    The Product Size Processing Has Been Fully Completed. Is It Required To Undergo Heat Treatment To Ensure No Deformation?
    The product size processing has been fully completed. Is it required to undergo heat treatment to ensure no deformation?Misconception: Some people, in order to save on product processing costs, finish processing all dimensions before heat treatment, and then go through heat treatment, quenching, and Read More »
  • 07-01
    Characteristics of aluminum
    Aluminum is the most common material in non-ferrous metals. It is widely used due to its various characteristics that are not found in iron-based metal materials.1. Lightweight and sturdy: The specific gravity of steel is approximately 7.9, while the specific gravity of aluminum is about 2.7, which Read More »

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